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There is something about a clean, uniformly cut lawn that says you care about your yard. Whether it is a commercial or residential lawn we at The Perfect Cut will give your lawn a professional appearance. We do this by weed eating around all landscaped areas, give your lawn a pattern like look such as a professional baseball field or golf course would and finally blow off all hard surfaces. We operate a fleet of Toro commercial grade mowers that leaves our work a cut above the rest.

Lawn Fertilizer & Weed Control

Lawns need to be fertilized periodically throughout the growing season. In Wisconsin with cool season grasses there are two key growth periods. The first one is in the spring from April-June which is 2/3 of the annual growth and then second growth is in the fall from August to October which is 1/3 of annual growth.

Fertilizations should be made at eight to ten week intervals throughout the growing season. This timeframe is reliant however on the weather conditions.

The Perfect Cut has a 4-step fertilizer program that focuses on strengthening your lawn and developing a strong root system that allows your lawn to recover more quickly in the spring. The first application applied will have a seasonal fertilizer along with a pre-emergent crabgrass control. This application needs to be applied before the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees FIVE consecutive days. Once that occurs the crabgrass seeds are in full germination and become more difficult to control.

4-Step Fertilizer Program:

Application #1 (April-May)

Slow release granular seasonal fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control.

Application #2 (May- June)

Slow release granular seasonal fertilizer. We will also be spraying a liquid weed spot control if troublesome weeds are present. This application will add potassium to your lawn to help build up the roots to prepare it for dormancy in the dry summer months.

Application #3 (August-September)

Granular seasonal fertilizer will be applied and weed control as needed. This will continue to feed your lawn the nutrients needed to keep a strong and healthy lawn after the drought period.

Application #4 (October-November)

Granular fertilizer designed to provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients to last through the winter, green-up your lawn in spring and will build up a strong root system. Additionally liquid weed control will be applied on targeted weeds.


What are the Benefits of Dethatching?

Thatch is a dense mat of roots, stems and grass clippings that accumulates between the soil and growing blades of grass. As thatch builds, adequate amounts of vital turf nutrients, including water, oxygen, nitrates, phosphorus and potassium, are unable to reach the root system.

By dethatching or power raking your lawn it effectively removes thatch build-up. This allows air and nutrients to reach the root system again.

With thatch removed, air, water, nutrients, herbicide and pesticides can do their job. Turf becomes healthier and more resistant to insect damage and disease. Dethatching regularly promotes denser growth that will suffocate weeds and helps to ensure you’ll have a vibrant and lush lawn.

When Do We Dethatch?

The most efficient time to dethatch your lawn will be early spring before you begin to cut your lawn for the year, early April through May.


What are the Benefits of Core Aerating?

Lawn aeration is the secret weapon in making your lawn healthy. Aeration involves making holes in the lawn by extracting a plug of soil. By aerating your lawn you provide the following benefits to your lawn and its root system:

  • Oxygen gets to the roots and the soil allowing it to “breathe”
  • Organic fertilizers and nutrients get access to the root system
  • Water is able to better soak the soil and reach the root system
  • Helps to break up thatch
  • Tight, compacted soil is loosened up allowing the root system to grow
  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance

Why is Aeration Necessary?

In most home lawns, the natural soil has been seriously disturbed by the building process.

Fertile topsoil may have been removed or buried during excavation of the basement or footings. Thus, leaving subsoil that is more compact, higher in clay content and less desirable for healthy lawn growth. These lawns need aeration to improve the depth and extent of turf grass rooting and to improve fertilizer and water absorption.

Intensively used lawns are exposed to stress from traffic. Walking playing and mowing are forms of traffic that compact soil and stress lawns. Rain and irrigation increase soil density by compacting soil particles and reducing large air spaces where roots may readily grow.

Aeration helps heavily used lawns and lawns growing on compacted soils improving the depth and extent of turf grass rooting, allowing better water uptake, enhancing fertilizer use, and speeding up thatch breakdown.

When Do We Core Aerate?

The best time to aerate is in late August or through October when the grass is coming out of the summer dormancy. The grass begins to grow at a rapid rate again and there is little competition from weeds. Core aeration should be done at least once a year.

Spring Cleanups

Our spring cleanups begin in March or April, weather permitting. We will remove leaves, branches, and debris from lawns, beds, driveways, walkways, gutters and patios. We prune any broken or dead branches from ornamental trees and bushes. We cut any perennials that have been left from the previous season.

Fall Cleanups

Our fall cleanups are usually done in November when most leaves are down. However we can come as often as you would like throughout the fall season once leaves begin to fall through the end of the season. Cleanups will consist of removing leaves, branches, and debris from lawns, beds, driveways, walkways, gutters and patios. Also, perennials, shrubs, bushes, and hedges will be cut to their specific needs.

Sidewalk/Driveway Edging

We provide this service throughout the entire year. We use a power edger which will clean up any grass that is growing over your sidewalks or driveway.

Mulch Installation

We install locally produced mulch which is insect and disease free. We will deliver the mulch directly to you and will spread it as well. Before installation we will prepare the beds to address any current weed problems.

Mulch can be used almost anywhere. However, mulch is more useful around tree trunks and around the soil of new plants. Mulching is a very important step in growing a healthy plant. Mulch helps to conserve moisture in the root ball of the new plant until the roots have grown out into the surrounding soil.