Lawn Care

The Perfect Cut Schedule for Residential and Commercial Clients

Here we want to give you a sample of what time of the year we will be providing services to you and what would be the most beneficial for your lawn. You may only want a selection of these services and we would be happy to provide you with one or all of these services listed below. Mower

Spring (April-May)

  • Sign up for our 4-step fertilizer program
  • Spring De-thatching
  • Spring Clean-up Services
  • Apply first application of fertilizer- Slow release granular seasonal fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control
  • Begin lawn mowing services once a week at a cut from 2.5” to 3”. We will weed-eat around all landscaped areas, trees and hard surfaces and finish by blowing off grass clippings from any unwanted areas. We also can collect grass clippings for an extra charge.
  • If lawn is well established and not at a high risk for weeds we do provide spring core aeration at this time

Late Spring (May-June)

  • Continue regular lawn mowing at a height of 2.5” to 3”.
  • Apply second application of fertilizer- Slow release granular seasonal fertilizer. We will also be spraying a liquid weed spot control if troublesome weeds are present.

Early to Late Summer (July-August)

  • Weather permitting cut back on weekly mowing as lawn goes into dormancy period.
  • Cut height should be around 3” to protect soil temperatures from the heat
  • Regular watering could be implemented to keep lawn from stressing out


Early Fall (August-September)

  • Apply third application of fertilizer- Granular seasonal fertilizer will be applied and weed control as needed. This will continue to feed your lawn the nutrients needed to keep a strong and healthy lawn after the drought period
  • Sign up for Fall Aerations
  • Back to weekly mowing at 2.5”-2.75”

Late Fall (October-November)

  • This time of the year we will start lowering the cut to roughly 2”-2.5” never exceeding a cut of 1/3 of the entire length of grass
  • Apply fourth application of fertilizer- Granular fertilizer designed to provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients to last through the winter, green-up your lawn in spring and will build up a strong root system. Additionally liquid weed control will be applied on targeted weeds
  • Fall cleanups will begin along with bush trimmings

Winter (December-March)

  • Sign up for Snow Removal Services with us!